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A company earns a reputation for excellence, but it's a company's people who enhance and maintain that reputation.  Performance Capital, recognizing the complexities and competitiveness of today's equipment leasing market, has staffed the company with only successful, seasoned personnel.

The result is a company with an experience base that is far greater than the simple total of years it has been doing business.  What Performance Capital adds to this experience is a corporate culture dedicated to responsive, resourceful service, which results in lasting relationships.

At Performance Capital, each vendor program is structured to take into account the individual needs of the client no matter how ordinary or exceptional they may be.  The expertise of Performance Capital's people makes this process efficient, effective and, more often than not, innovative.

Performance Capital's vendor finance programs are designed to foster a partnership between the equipment vendor and the leasing company. Performance Capital can show you how to close more sales by using leasing as a pricing option to:

  • Overcome price objections.
  • Shorten sales cycle - close faster
  • Eliminate client sticker shock
  • Provides competitive edge over competition
  • Easy to increase average sale’s size
  • Lessen billing and collection hassles
  • Pays you faster
  • Helps expand your customer base
  • Respond to the customer who won't have the money for a couple of months.
  • Address concerns over upgrades and obsolescence.
  • Work with companies that have difficulty making capital budgeting decisions.
  • Assist customers who expect a learning curve with new equipment.
  • Performance Capital has the program that is right for you:

    Leasing Plus Program
    This program is ideal for vendors who may not have a high number of requests for leasing, yet still deserve the service and attention afforded to larger companies. As a direct lender, Performance Capital assures you of timely credit decisions, quick payment, and a dedicated account executive appointed to manage your account.

    Preferred Vendor Program
    Companies that heavily rely on leasing may have special needs. Our Preferred Vendor Program customizes the service you receive. You can expect:

  • Guaranteed turnaround on approvals
  • Guaranteed turnaround on payment
  • Special pricing programs
  • Joint marketing, promotions, and price specials
  • A dedicated account management team to support your needs
  • Private Label Program
    Some vendors want more control of the leasing within their business. For these companies, our Private Label Program is appropriate. Along with the benefits outlined above, Performance Capital can provide private label credit applications, lease documents, and lease promotions.

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