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Acquiring the equipment your business needs is easier with Performance Capital Business Finance. Equipment leasing can provide businesses with more control and more flexibility, with a variety of lease terms and end-of-lease options to meet your financing needs. Plus, upgrading equipment may be easier, and you can purchase the equipment outright at the end of your lease if you like.

Just apply for leasing through a participating vendor, and you can finance your business equipment with fixed monthly payments — over a period you choose. Apply with our Preferred Vendor partners and lease from industry leaders in office supply, business machines, office furniture, computers and technology.

Would you prefer to find a participating vendor who sells equipment in your industry or regional area? Contact a Business Finance sales representative today to locate one of 2000 participating leasing partners that can meet your business equipment needs.

Money Management

  • Improve budgeting accuracy through fixed monthly payments and no floating rates
  • Conserve capital to invest in your business
  • Save on down payments — with leases you generally make only the first and last payments at the start of the lease
  • Finance 100% of the equipment cost — you may include soft-cost items such as installation, maintenance, software, training, consulting fees, and freight (up to 20% of the total amount financed) in the terms of the lease
  • Protection and Upgrades

  • Keep your business from owning outdated technology — match the length of the lease to the expected useful life of the equipment. Equipment upgrades may be easier
  • Easy Application

  • Many of our Preferred Partners are equipped with Performance Capital Business Finance's easy online application and instant decisioning capability . Avoid typical "bank requirements" such as compensating balances, large down payments, client list reviews, and cash-flow projections.
  • Potential tax benefits — some businesses are able to deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense, thus reducing the net cost of the lease. (Consult your tax advisor for details.)

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