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Industry Expertise

Performance Capital utilizes its broad range of industry expertise to meet the specific requirements of vendors and their customers. We are capable of providing equipment financing and/or leasing for nearly any equipment type in a majority of industries. One of the unique benefits of working with Performance Capital is that we can match a vendor up with an account executive who is trained to specialize in your industry. Our reps have an understanding of your industry and the companies that work within it.

This is part of the "Performance Capital Advantage" - our reps can more effectively work with you to provide the best leasing product for your business. Our focus areas include:

Franchise Finance
At Performance Capital, we understand the unique nature of the franchise business. Whether you're opening new locations, acquiring additional stores, or remodeling existing ones, we can help with your financing needs. You've come to the right place for long-term financing solutions at fixed or variable rates. Our experienced loan processors and underwriters, together with our sales team, can give you the fastest turnaround times in the business. We provide financing services to national franchise store operators in the restaurant, hospitality, petroleum, and auto aftermarket industries.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment


Health Care
Performance Capital understands that medical professionals do not have the time to waste reviewing equipment lease options when it is much simpler for us to just write you a check for you to use as you see fit.  You can use the funds to install a new air conditioning system; consolidate debts; underwrite the startup cost of an additional practice location; etc.  The key is that you decide how, where and when to spend the money without being told what you have to do by a leasing company that does not know your needs.

Industrial Equipment



Technology Equipment

Our commitment to provide the transportation industry with solid and diverse financial products has supported many small businesses, fleet operators and carriers meet their cash flow demands and reach their financial goals. PCC will finance various types of new and USED trucks and trailers. We understand the needs of the small business owner who may be able to buy a 9 year-old truck that can do the job of a new unit for much smaller dollar amount.
PCC will finance various types of new and USED trucks and trailers.


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