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Bank Referral Program

Performance Capital Corporation can help banks maintain strong relationships with their business customers and generate significant fee income by providing alternative financing, even when the customer might not qualify for a conventional bank loan. PCC will provide financing solutions that will help the customer meet their business growth objectives and prevent the customer from seeking out another bank relationship.

PCC, the “Full-Service Financial Solutions Provider” - As a non-predatory business financial solutions company, Performance Capital can help businesses with unique, non-bankable financing needs. PCC will provide the best fit for each customer and help the bank maintain a strong relationship:

  • SBA Government Guaranteed loans
  • Working Capital loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • - Performance Capital provides a wide array of products and services to support the financing needs of businesses nationwide. PCC provides funding to small businesses unable to secure financing on reasonable terms through normal lending channels.

    Working Capital – Your business customers’ ideas aren’t limited—but sometimes their capital is. Our business funding programs are designed for professionals and small business owners. They provide access to cash for major purchases and the flexibility to pay it back on their own reasonable terms.

    Equipment Financing and Leasing - Performance Capital is a first tier commercial finance company providing lease transactions and business loans. Application only transactions up to $75,000 and full doc programs to $1,000,000 or more. Approvals are based on the equipment being purchased, the credit of the customer, and terms required.

    Commercial Mortgages - Performance Capital utilizes its own capital and that of dozens of commercial funding sources to provide a full spectrum of products not offered by commercial banks. A small business requiring funds for growth is frequently an extension of the principles of the business. Because banks require viable collateral to lend money to small businesses, the principles' personal assets are often the only option. A committed entrepreneur with confidence in his or her business plan will comfortably provide their personal residence as collateral to secure a loan that ensures the business's success.

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